Advanced nutrient solution
preparation and delivery system

Automation in motion.

Designed for automated preparation and delivery of nutrient solutions for hydroponic cultivation according to the needs of your crops.

nutrient delivery

Optimised cultivation recipes for 60+ varieties

Power failure &
signal transmission protection

App control
for convenient


Aqua nutrient solution controller compatible


Set your parameters.

Automatically prepares the nutrient solution according to your needs by mixing nutrient concentrates and a pH adjuster with fresh water.

  • EC level
  • pH level
  • Irrigation duration
    45 m
  • Pause between irrigation
  • Solution temperature

Full control of your farm.

Nutrients Connected

Direct connections with concentrates removes the need for manual mixing and dilution

Most Compact

The smallest mass-produced nutrient solution unit on the market, leaving more space for cultivation


Easily grow your farm with the Visionary Farms app

Large Area

Up to 200 m² of cultivation area served by one Mixer

Control through Aqua.

Operate Mixer using our Aqua controller connected to Visionary Farms software, accessed via our cross-platform mobile app. Or operate it manually using third party controllers.

Working Requirements

Power supply

Clean water supply

water filtersrecommended


Visionary Farms Aqua controlleror third party controller

Drainage for waste water removal

How Aqua + Mixer automate
hydroponic systems.

The Mixer is the series of pumps, valves and sensors within a farm controlled using the Aqua controller. Below is a demonstration of how different modes control the flow of nutrients.

Cloud subscription.

Whilst you can set parameters manually without the cloud subscription, using it with the Aqua controller (unlike third party controllers) unlocks Mixer’s full potential.

Control anytime, anywhere

Control and monitor the conditions on your farm remotely using the Visionary Farms app

Cultivation recipes for 60+ varieties

Achieve better yields with automatic settings and maintenance based on 7+ years of research

Access to full analytics

Gain valuable insights into your farm from Aqua's sensors

Smart cultivation tips

From our plant science experts personalised to the varieties you are growing

Operations management functionality

Automatic task scheduling and delegation among farm team members, notifications of any issue

Full technical support

From our software and hardware engineers and plant science experts

Grow from your phone

With Mixer and the Aqua controller, you can fine-tune your hydroponic system and manage it remotely using the Visionary Farms app.

install install

Technical Specification

Here you can check specific details about Mixer. If you’re unclear, feel free to contact our team using the form below.

Technical Data
  • 120-277V Input voltage
  • 50/60Hz Frequency
  • 430×450×450mm Size
  • 12kg Weight
  • 0°C to +40°C Optimal ambient temperature
  • 10-90% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • 380W Max power
  • 500W Max power per relay channel
  • 80 Litres/minute pump performance
  • 1.4-2bar Water pressure at the ejector inlet
  • 1-120min Interval between feeding cycles
  • 1.2-1.4bar System nominal pressure range
  • 0-2.5bar Line pressure measurement range
  • ∞ Number of possible tasks per day
  • 100-2000l Mixing tank volume
  • 1m-12h Dosage pause
  • 0.1-5.0ms EC level
  • 3.0-10.0pH (2 sensors)
  • 6 Solution control valves
  • 4 Stock solution dispensers
  • 3 Feeding circuits of the nutrient solution
  • Barometer
  • pH control sensor
  • Solution temperature sensor
  • Electrical conductivity sensor
  • 50mA, 12V Parameters of the outputs for controlling the valves of the supply system
  • 230V, 50Hz, 1.7A Parameters of the pump start-up equipment control output
  • 0mS-20mS Accuracy for maintaining the EC of the working solution
  • 2-12pH Accuracy for maintaining the pH of the working solution
  • 2 year warranty

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